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MassAlliance endorses Councilor Moon

Image Description: Councilor Moon stands looking towards her right and is wearing a blue and white ruffled shirt under a beige jacket. To the right, in between light blue lines it reads "Helen Moon, City Council Ward 1, A New Voice." Below is a white oval in which there is blue text that reads "Mass Alliance" and under it, "Working Together for a Progressive Massachusetts."

Hello friends,

Team Moon is thrilled to announce that Councilor Moon has received the endorsement of Mass Alliance! Mass Alliance is a coalition for political and advocacy organizations that work together to build a progressive Massachusetts.

“Helen Moon is a committed community member, a volunteer, a board member, a respected professional, and proven leader in the Pittsfield City Council,” said Jordan Berg Powers, Director of Mass Alliance. "We believe that Helen Moon is the best candidate to represent Ward 1."

We are grateful to have the support of Mass Alliance as Councilor Moon fights for progressive change and we would love to have your support too! If you'd like to volunteer or host a lawn sign, just respond to this email!

In solidarity, Kevin Stasiewski Communications Coordinator Committee to Elect Helen Moon

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