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Endorsement Announcement: AFT Local 1315

Happy Labor Day! The Committee to Elect Helen Moon is excited to announce that Councilor Helen Moon has earned the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers, Local 1315! The AFT previously endorsed Councilor Moon in 2017 in her first bid for city council and is supporting her again this year.

“Councilor Moon’s advocacy to our issues and for workers’ rights allow us to endorse her for Ward 1 City Council again. Her leadership on issues involving union labor are important for the future of the working middle class in Pittsfield. We are continually impressed with the attention she’s given our local chapter and our members" said local chapter president, Sandra Amburn.

In response, Councilor Moon said, "AFT Local 1315 represents the many paraprofessionals, bus drivers, janitors and cafeteria workers of the Pittsfield Public School System. They represent the hard workers who are often forgotten but directly impact the children and the quality of education in our public school system. They do important work and I am proud to receive their endorsement.” Councilor Moon believes in a strong education system and with your support, she can continue to improve Pittsfield.

About Labor Day: 

Labor Day was originally a day of strike in 1882. During the 1800’s, workers in smaller unions joined their collective voices to form a stronger and more cohesive stand for workers’ rights. They recognized that to get anything accomplished, they had to come together. During that time, the average worker worked 12 hour days, 6 days a week. Together, they fought for shorter work days, less hours and more safety regulations. Together, they went on strike. 

Through their efforts, 40hr work weeks and 8hr work days are common practices. Additionally, their fight for child labor laws, work place safety and minimum wage has forced the government to set regulations to protect the American people. These were long fought and hard battles that workers united around for the collective good of workers in America. Now, we celebrate Labor Day.

So as you bite into your hamburgers and put away your white pants, remember that the fight goes on to protect our workers so that the labor that serves our communities can live free.

Image Description: Councilor Helen Moon (Asian woman with shoulder length black hair wearing a black jacket and white top) standing in the middle of State Representative Paul Mark (white man withe dark brown hair and a beard wearing a pinstripe blue sports coat and light blue button up shirt), MNA nurse Mark Brodeur (white man wearing glasses and and blue and white check shirt) and Gerry (white man wearing a solid blue button up shirt).

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