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Councilor Moon receives endorsement from New American Leaders Action Fund

Image Description: To the left, Councilor Moon looks away to the side, smiling. To the right, in between light blue lines it reads "Helen Moon, City Council Ward 1, A New Voice." Below is a white oval in which there is red, white, and light blue text that reads "New American Leaders Action Fund" enclosed in a dark blue circle.

Hello friends,

Team Moon is thrilled to announce that Councilor Moon has received the endorsement of the New American Leaders Action Fund! NALAF is an organization that works with immigrants running for office to transform them into inspiring and effective candidates.

Moon is not only “using [her] authentic New American experiences to stand up for our communities, but [is] paving the way for more diverse leaders to follow after [her],” said Sayu Bhojwani, president and founder of New American Leaders Action Fund. She has “bold ideas” and an “unapologetically unique leadership style” and will “bring us one step closer to having a government that truly represents and works for all people.”

We are grateful to the New American Leaders Action Fund for their support of Councilor Moon. She has been a strong voice for underrepresented groups in our community and she needs your help to keep up the fight.

In solidarity, Kevin Stasiewski Communications and Field Coordinator Committee to Elect Helen Moon

PS - If you can help with canvassing, holding signs on Election Day, hosting a lawn sign, or all of the above, respond to this email and let us know!

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